Factors to Consider When Installing Egress Windows

There are many reasons to consider installing egress windows. They can offer safety, allow for natural light in basements, and might even be legally required. However, there are many factors to consider when installing egress windows in St. Louis. Getting egress windows is no small feat. It requires precision in cutting through the home’s foundation, along with meticulous planning for effective drainage and sealing against water ingress. Given the complexity of the task, seeking out a professional contractor with a track record of successful egress window installations in St. Louis is key to achieving a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Let’s explore what you should consider when installing egress windows in your home.

The Type of Window

The type of egress window you choose plays a pivotal role in both functionality and compliance with safety standards. 

The type of egress window matters significantly when considering installation, as it affects not only the room’s aesthetics but also its safety and functionality. 

Different types offer varying advantages in terms of accessibility, ventilation, and light entry, ensuring compliance with building codes and enhancing emergency escape routes.

Common types of egress windows include:

  • Sliding Windows: Horizontal opening, ideal for spaces requiring wide exits.
  • Casement Windows: Inward swinging hinge windows or outward swinging Crank-operated windows with full opening capabilities, maximizing space and ease of use.
  • Double-Hung Windows: Typically used in taller basements, vertical operating windows allowing versatile ventilation options while meeting size requirements. 

Each type ensures that specific needs and safety standards are met, making the choice a crucial aspect of home safety planning. Let’s take a closer look at each type so you can make an educated decision about your egress window installation in St. Louis County. 

Sliding Windows


  • Ample Light and Views: Their large horizontal design allows for maximum natural light and expansive views.
  • Ease of Use: These horizontal sliding windows are easy to open and close, making them practical for all ages.


  • Limited Opening: Only one side opens at a time, which can restrict escape routes and ventilation.
  • Maintenance: Tracks can accumulate debris and require regular cleaning to ensure smooth operation.

Casement Windows


  • Full Opening: They swing open entirely, providing a wide exit point in emergencies.
  • Energy Efficiency: When closed, casement windows seal tightly, improving energy efficiency by reducing air leaks.


  • Space Constraints: Their outward swing requires clear space outside, which might not be ideal for areas next to walkways or patios.
  • Mechanical Parts: The crank mechanism can wear out or fail over time, requiring maintenance or replacement.

Double-Hung Windows


  • Versatile Ventilation: Opening either the top or bottom sash allows for controlled ventilation and airflow.
  • Classic Aesthetics: Their traditional appearance fits well with a variety of architectural styles.


  • Cleaning Difficulty: Cleaning the exterior of the upper sash from inside the house can be challenging, especially on upper floors.
  • Leakage: If proper drainage isn’t accounted for Window wells can fill up with water and allow seepage to the interior of the basement.  If exterior trim isn’t addressed, over time, the seals around the sashes may deteriorate and wood may rot, potentially leading to increased air leakage compared to other types.


Choosing the right spot for your egress window goes beyond simple compliance. It’s key to ensuring safety, boosting beauty, and wisely using space. 

With our hot summers and cold winters, our varied weather patterns in St. Louis make the placement of your egress window crucial. Location plays a crucial role in maximizing natural light in your basement, which can save on energy costs.

Also, given St. Louis’s frequent heavy rains, installing an egress window with effective drainage is vital to prevent water damage and safeguard your home’s foundation.

Professional Well Design

The design and construction of a window well are key to keeping your home safe and functional. Good drainage is critical to avoid water buildup, which could lead to flooding, leaks, and damage to your home’s structure over time. 

A window well that’s designed by professionals will tackle these issues effectively, ensuring water flows away from your home and doesn’t collect. Knowing the local soil and weather conditions, professional contractors will build a window well that is strong enough to handle the pressures from the outside, protecting it from collapse or damage.

But there’s more to a window well than just its functionality. How it blends with your home’s exterior and landscape matters, too. 

You must choose materials and designs that enhance your home’s appearance. An aesthetically pleasing window well can actually boost your property’s curb appeal. 

This comprehensive approach covers not only the immediate needs for water management and safety but also the aesthetic impact on your home. 

Local Building Codes

Navigating the complex local building codes and regulations for egress windows is a crucial part of home renovation and safety planning in St. Louis. The city outlines specific minimum size requirements for these windows, defining window well dimensions and safety features to ensure they provide a reliable emergency escape route. 

These rules also make sure homes are accessible to emergency personnel, keeping them safe during crises. For homeowners, getting to grips with the detailed and technical legal standards can be daunting.

That’s where the value of a professional installer comes to light. An expert with experience in St. Louis will understand these regulations thoroughly and know how to apply them effectively. 

Leave Installing Egress Windows in St. Louis to Professionals

Ensuring the professional installation of egress windows in St. Louis homes is a matter of safety, compliance, and peace of mind. The region’s ever-changing weather patterns make it essential to have secure and functional escape routes. 

Beyond mere compliance with local building codes, the professional installation addresses critical issues such as water leakage, drainage, and obstruction-free access. Entrusting your St. Louis egress window installation with a licensed professional safeguard your home against potential hazards. Here’s why!

Precision Concrete Cuts

Precision saw cutting is crucial for egress windows as it ensures the creation of accurate, clean openings that meet safety regulations and building codes. This method provides the exact dimensions needed for proper installation, which is vital for the window’s functionality as an emergency exit. Furthermore, precision cutting minimizes structural damage and reduces the risk of compromising the integrity of the foundation or walls. By using precision saw cutting, homeowners can ensure a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing installation of egress windows. 

Stratum Structural Systems uses the latest precision guided saws to create the perfect opening for egress window installation.

No Water Leakage

Professional installation guarantees that egress windows in St. Louis homes are tightly sealed to prevent water ingress. This seal is crucial, especially given the area’s varied climate, where rain and humidity can lead to dampness and mold growth in basements. A professional ensures that your home stays dry and healthy, safeguarding against water-related damage.

Adequate Drainage

When professionals install egress windows, they also plan for effective drainage within and around the window well. This step is vital to prevent water from pooling outside the window, which could otherwise seep into your basement. The right drainage solution keeps your basement dry and protects the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

Obstruction-Free Wells

A clear path for escape or rescue through the egress window is non-negotiable. Professional contractors make sure the window well is free of obstructions that could hinder its use in emergencies. They also take measures to prevent the accumulation of debris, such as leaves or snow, ensuring the window remains accessible at all times.

Proper Operation

Egress windows need to open easily and fully for them to serve their purpose during emergencies. Professionals test the windows thoroughly to guarantee they meet these operational criteria. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, residents can quickly and safely exit the home, or rescue teams can enter.

Proper Sizing

Compliance with local building codes is paramount for the legal and functional installation of egress windows. Professional installers are well-versed in these regulations and will ensure your egress windows meet St. Louis’s minimum size requirements for safe exit and entry. This attention to detail means your installation will be up to code and customized to fit your home’s specific needs.

Egress Window Installation in St. Louis

Installing egress windows in St. Louis homes is a complex but vital process that enhances both safety and quality of life. By considering factors such as window type, location, adherence to local building codes, and professional well design, homeowners can make informed decisions that ensure the success of their egress window project. 

The importance of professional installation cannot be overstated, with benefits including proper sizing, operation, and protection against water issues. With the right approach, egress windows can provide peace of mind, compliance with safety standards, and an aesthetic enhancement to your home.

Install egress windows with peace of mind by working with Stratum Structural Systems. Our deep understanding of local climate conditions and building codes positions us perfectly to meet homeowners’ specific needs efficiently.

Whether it’s addressing flood risks or enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal in line with safety regulations, we’re committed to providing you with exceptional service. We promise to deliver a durable, high-quality solution that enriches your living space and bolsters the safety and value of your home.

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