Maintenance Tips for Egress Windows and Window Wells

Single and two-family houses are required to include egress windows, together with window wells, to ensure adequate exit points and prioritize the safety of family members. It is crucial that you maintain these exterior features to prevent significant water-related damage to the basement and the foundation of your home. In this blog, a reputable foundation piering specialist shares some tips to help keep your egress window and window well in good condition.

Maintenance Tips For Egress Windows And Window Wells

Clear Debris from Drain

It is necessary to regularly clear the debris from your window well. Even if the well has a drainage pipe or covered with a layer of gravel, erosion can expose the drain holes. This gives leaves, dirt and debris an opportunity to eventually clog the openings. Drainage is an important purpose of a window well and proper function is imperative to keep rainwater from seeping through the exterior wall and collecting in the basement. Make sure to check the inside of the window well for blockages especially after a rainstorm in order to avoid these costly structural problems.

Reapply Caulk to Well Liner’s Edge

A window well liner may begin to contract due to long exposure to changing temperatures and extreme weather conditions. It is only a matter of time before it starts to pull away from the foundation well. A basement waterproofing expert says that once this happens, rainwater can leak into the sides and yard debris can cause drain blockages.

To fix this problem, wash away the mud caked to the foundation’s exterior and give the spot enough time to dry. Then, fix the liner in place and apply an amount of caulk along the edges where the liner meets the foundation. This can prevent rainwater and soil from entering the well.

Ensure Cover Meets Safety Standards

Keep the cover on the window well at all times and ensure that there are no heavy objects sitting on top of it. It is critical that the cover can be removed from the inside to meet the egress window standards for fire protection. Moreover, no locking mechanism should be used on the exterior of the cover. Finally, make sure the cover is fitted to the liner in order to fend off unwanted elements.

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