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Concrete leveling, also known as concrete lifting or mudjacking, is a cost-effective and efficient solution to address uneven or sunken concrete surfaces. This innovative process involves the injection of a specialized mixture beneath a sunken or uneven concrete slab. The injected material fills voids beneath the concrete, raising it back to its original position.

Mudjacking & Concrete Leveling St. Louis
Mudjacking and concrete leveling in St. Louis - Stratum Structural Systems

Raising Expectations: Discover the Advantages of Concrete Leveling

One of the significant advantages of concrete leveling is its ability to save both time and money compared to traditional concrete replacement. Rather than removing and replacing the entire slab, which can be a labor-intensive and costly process, leveling provides a minimally invasive solution that can be completed relatively quickly. Additionally, it minimizes disruption to the surrounding landscape and structures. Whether your concrete has settled due to soil erosion, compaction, or other factors, concrete leveling can restore both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor and indoor spaces, making it a popular choice for homeowners and property managers looking to address uneven concrete surfaces.

Issues that can be resolved by mudjacking include:

  • Uneven concrete slabs
  • Settling driveways
  • Settling sidewalks
  • Sinking garage slabs
  • Settling front porch

By choosing concrete leveling over traditional replacement, you can save time, money, and minimize disruption to your daily life. With its long-lasting results and eco-friendly approach, concrete leveling is a smart choice for homeowners and property managers looking to maintain and enhance the beauty and functionality of their concrete surfaces.

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