How to Stop Foundation Water Damage

How to Stop Foundation Water Damage

Concrete foundations are generally strong and durable. In fact, they can remain intact for several decades without requiring repairs or modifications. However, this depends on a number of variables, such as the geology of the site where the home was built, the local weather patterns and the quality of maintenance a foundation has received through the years.  

How to Stop Foundation Water Damage

In this post, Stratum Structural Systems — one of the area’s most reliable basement repair contractors — shares more information about how foundation water damage occurs and how you can prevent it.

How Foundation Water Damage Occurs

Foundation water damage can happen fast or gradually. For instance, ground water beneath your home’s foundation may be rising seasonally or all year round. But the full effect of the continuous upward pressure due to the rising water can only be noticed after some years. And when that happens, the water has likely permeated the foundation, causing foundation cracks and leaks in the basement.

Meanwhile, plumbing leaks and flooding can accelerate water damage, so the impact becomes evident much more quickly. Floodwater particularly can penetrate beneath the ground surface, undermine the foundation and cause the foundation to shift. In this case, it’s best to call a professional to check the damage and perform foundation repair.

How to Prevent Foundation Water Damage

Here are a few tips that will help prevent foundation water damage and exterior water issues:

  • Clean your gutters regularly. Debris and dirt buildup can clog your gutter system, causing water to spill over the sides and end up close to your home. This increases the risk of water damage in your home’s foundation and basement.

  • Ensure the ground surrounding your foundation slopes away from your home. It should slope at least six inches for every 10 feet so that water can be safely carried away from your home rather than towards it.

  • Remove water from your basement immediately after a disaster. Don’t let this area remain flooded for an extended period. Call a professional for assistance so that you can prevent secondary damage.

Stratum Structural Systems specializes in basement waterproofing and fixing foundation issues. We also offer our expertise in egress window repair and installation. Call us at (314) 620-8153 or fill out our contact form to request a free consultation.

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