Why Basement Efflorescence May Indicate a Bigger Problem

Are you familiar with efflorescence? This is a common issue in concrete and masonry block foundations. It has a white or greyish tint and consists of salt deposits left behind when water evaporates. Although it is simply salt that can be easily removed with removers and other cleaning hacks, if gone untreated can cause deterioration. If you’ve ever seen a chalky, white powder on your basement walls, here’s a guide you should take note of. Foundation repair expert Stratum Structural Systems will explain more below.

Basement Efflorescence

Understanding Basement Efflorescence

It can be noted that water, rain and snow are the primary sources of moisture and may impact the degree of efflorescence. Condensation, groundwater wicking, exterior water issues, and interior activities also may impact the degree of moisture generation. Despite not being toxic, efflorescence is known to be a real problem. As mentioned, it begins with salt, then water, eventually dissolving your material. All cracks, foundation cracks, pores in the concrete and even the floor-wall joint in your basement can become an entry point of the efflorescence. 

How Can It Be Addressed?

Basement repair contractors suggest that this can be seen both indoors and outdoors and as expected if action isn’t done immediately, it will cost you more on repairs or even overhauls. As a help, here are some of the instances that may lead to efflorescence that you should be aware of:

  • Improper use of through-wall flashing

  • Inappropriate ground storage

  • Joint material failure

  • Utilization of masonry without enough ventilation

  • Usage of masonry in areas that lack a proper moisture barrier

Fortunately, efflorescence is a controllable condition that should not be a problem in modern masonry. Breaking the chain of conditions necessary for efflorescence can be done with the right materials and quality construction.

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