Water: The Primary Cause Of Foundation Problems

Although water is considered the most essential element in the world, it is apparently the enemy of most house foundations. Experts suggest that regardless of its amount, every foundation issue has something to do with water. We’ll delve into this matter more to help you avoid costly foundation repairs in the future.  

Foundation Problems

Too much water can cause soil expansion which results in the foundation settling and eventually prompting structural damage. In this scenario, your drainage system will make or break your foundation. Hence, you have to ensure your plumbing system and sewers are functional and properly located. 

Too little water prompts droughts causing the shrinking of soil. The threat of shrunken soil highlights the importance of proper sprinkling. Make certain that you run your sprinkler system regularly. 

To have a clearer understanding, here are more specific causes you need to take note of:

  1. Soil moisture. Keep in mind that this is the most serious threat since the swelling potential of expansive soils is much greater than the shrinkage potential. Moisture gain can come from plumbing leaks, subsurface water like wet weather or a high water table, or surface water.
  2. Poor construction. Remember that the stability and durability of your foundation matter the most. It is always ideal to hire reputable foundation and basement repair contractors for basement waterproofing to get the assurance that your home feature is efficient and long-lasting.
  3. Rain. As it is inevitable, homeowners must guarantee that the drainage system is well-equipped to deal with such circumstances. 
  4. Drought. You are highly encouraged to do what you can to keep your soil hydrated.

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