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Your St. Louis neighbors who have called on Stratum Structural Systems have plenty to say about their great experience with us. No other company can match our combination of personal service, professionalism and quality materials. Read for yourself what your neighbors are saying about Stratum Structural Systems.

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Tim Meyer and the Stratum team were first-rate. They were prompt, professional and helped us address the repair we needed.
Great company! Matt was able to give me a bid very quickly after I reached out. The crew was very good. On time every day, and they were very professional. The house was left super clean, and the work was described in great detail. I would 100% use them again, and would recommend them to anyone!
Stratum structural systems put in my egress window in my house. Alex and Shane were very professional and worked with me letting me know what was happening from start to finish.

I love my window and looking around for someone to install an egress window in an older house was intense. I am glad I found them. From Tim the sales person to the installers I knew exactly what would happen. Nice to have that open communication.
Just wanted to reach out and give a special thank you to Steve who came over and went above and beyond to correct some issues at my home.
Steve was very personable knowledgeable efficient and left the job site nice and clean
Stratum Structural Systems worked with me over the course of two visits to determine the cause of a particularly complicated basement leak. Kevin was very helpful in determining that this was a combination of two separate leaking issues and I especially appreciated that he could refer someone to do the rest of the job. Keith was professional and prompt in fixing the basement leak. I would highly recommend Stratum Structural Systems for repairing your cracked basement wall.
1. To the point. Matt came out quickly when I called Stratum.
2. He determined the work needed on the spot and give me a timely follow-up estimate. I agreed.
3. The work started when he said it would and lasted as long as he said it would.
4. The work was done just as he said it would.
5. Stratum charged the amount he quoted and collected that amount.
6. Job was done and we are very happy.
In today’s new world it can be very hard to get contractors to even show up. With Stratum it was a different story. Below is what I personally experienced with Stratum.
I first noticed my basement walk-out doors were getting harder and harder to open and close. Next thing my windows in the bedroom above were difficult to open and close and I could not even get them to lock. While this was annoying to me it’s when I was sitting on my sun porch and noticed the outside brick literally falling away from the wall that I was horrified. I called Matt Ford from Stratum. Matt came to meet with me a couple days later. He knew I was extremely concerned about what was happening to my home. Matt acknowledged that I had a serious problem with my foundation settling but was quick to calm me down as he explained this is all fixable and not to worry. Matt clearly explained what was happening to my house and how he proposed to fix it. His explanation was technical in nature and conclusive but he broke it all down and physically showed me the details to make it easy to understand and to make the decision I was faced with. Then we talked about the cost. My house needed 15 piers. It was a big job and was a lot of money but it needed to be done and I knew it. Matt introduced me to a third party lender that offers 12 months free interest same as cash which certainly made it easier to pay for the work.
We scheduled the work. Matt came two weeks ahead to give us a heads up on what we needed to do to prepare for the work to begin. The work started on the very day he said it would. I know that doesn't happen with a lot of other companies.
The crew foreman was Noah. His crew members were Sasha and Jessie. Noah communicated with us every day with exactly what they were doing on that day and what we should expect. They showed up early and worked hard every hour of the day. The big equipment couldn't get into my back yard so they had to dig by hand. My piers were 14 feet deep. It was amazing to how much earth those guys could dig in a day. It looked like back breaking work but I never heard any of them complain, curse, or yell at each other. What a team!
When the 15 piers were dug and in place along came Steve and Luke, the supervisors that master minded the lift.
Steve and Luke carefully went over every problem spot in the house and then determined just how much to lift on each pier. With a man at each hole to drive the piers for the section of house they were working on, Steve would call out the precise instructions. All together in unison the guys would adjust their pier and the house would lift. It was amazing!
Now my windows and doors open and close and they all lock easily. Perhaps best of all they were able rotate the brick wall back in place!!! It all looks as good as new.
I know this is a long review but if you are considering this kind of structural work I hope that you find it useful to hear what actually happens on the job with Stratum.
Stratum waterproofed our basement about two and half years ago, installing a drain field of over 100 feet inside the basement and filling eight large cracks in the foundation. They also installed an egress window to bring us up to code (the window is well worth the cost--lots of light and lots of new airflow when opened). The workmanship was impeccable--our basement has been dry as a bone ever since.
Last week, after a serious overnight rain, we noticed a corner of the basement past the end of the drain field that was damp. We called Stratum to have it evaluated, sending photos of the area. Two days later, a crew came and spent five hours extending the drain field another six feet and digging a new connection to our sump pump pit. They covered this area in new concrete. They also filled a new wall crack that had appeared in the same area--the crack was not there when they did the work two years ago. And they found a crack in the sump pump discharge pipe we had not seen and fixed that.
We were not charged for all this work--Stratum told us it was part of their warranty for the previous project. We are stunned that all this work was at their expense, not ours. This indicates the integrity this company possesses--they stand behind their work, in this case years after the original project. Their workmen were efficient, explained all their actions, and were extremely neat--except for the new concrete, we can't tell they were ever there.
Though I hope we will not need them again, I am confident that if we do, they will stand 100% behind their work, respond quickly, and make sure our basement is structurally sound and dry.
We contacted Stratum after being referred by multiple friends and industry professionals to fix the water problem we had in the unfinished basement of our 1940s house. Keven walked us through everything that would need to be done and the scope of the project. With a baby in the house, we were worried about the dust from breaking up the concrete and not being able to use our laundry for the duration of the project. They kept the space so clean during the project and worked around our laundry area so we could still use the machines. The work was completed faster than we expected and the crew was professional and respectful. Waterproofing our basement was a major investment in our home, but the peace of mind every time it rains has been invaluable. Gone are the days of coming home to a river of water coming up through our basement floor during heavy storms, and we are so grateful to Stratum!
Awesome Job ! Just had our garage mudjacked. Mike and his crew (aka Dirty Mike & The Boys) were wonderful to work with ! Great communication about what was being done and very professional ! Our basement crack repair by stratum was also phenomenal ! Thank you Stratum!
Mike and his team were very professional and courteous. They performed the job as expected and on time. Would highly recommend them.
We had Stratum come out to fix a crack and they were very thorough in explaining the process. Keith was very nice. His work was spotless. I highly recommend calling them if you have any issues with your basement or foundation.

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