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Why Choose Stratum for Foundation Repair in St Charles County

Water in your basement isn’t just stressful -- it’s destructive. At Stratum Structural Systems, we provide prompt and affordable waterproofing services to ensure your space stays clean and dry for years to come.

Methods of basement waterproofing vary between contractors. Homeowners often feel confused about which solution is right for them and vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, there’s a wide range of quality and workmanship across the industry.

Stratum Structural Systems is committed to relieving your confusion and preventing added stress by offering industry-leading products and utilizing accepted engineering practices to repair your home and set your mind at ease. We offer the following basement waterproofing services:

  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Exterior Drains
  • Yard Drainage Problems
  • Exterior Foundation Sealing
  • Crack Repair

Basement Waterproofing St Charles, MO

At Stratum, our St. Charles, MO, foundation repair contractors specialize in waterproofing and correcting a wide range of basement repairs. Water is your basement’s worst enemy! Some common causes of basement water intrusion include:


Hydrostatic pressure is a term used to describe a high or rising water table. If you’re considering basement waterproofing in St. Charles or St. Charles County, you should know that the water tables here can fluctuate dramatically depending on rainfall amounts, snow melt and drought. Basement waterproofing -- the installation of interior drainage systems and sump pumps -- relieves the hydrostatic pressure and keeps the water table below the basement floor, where it belongs.


Exterior water issues are all of the variables outside your home, like standing water, faulty window wells or downspouts dumping next to the foundation. We can correct the yard grade, install French drains or extend downspouts as needed, for effective and simple solutions to these problems.


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Stratum Structural Systems provides honest, affordable basement waterproofing to homeowners in St. Charles and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (314) 620-8153 or contact us online to schedule a home inspection and free quote.

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