Factors Affecting the Cost of Concrete Leveling

The cost of concrete leveling varies depending on several factors, including your location, the type of leveling required and the nature of the problem. Read on to learn more about the variables that affect the cost of a concrete leveling job. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Concrete Leveling

Factors That Contribute to Concrete Leveling Costs

While a site inspection is required before a cost proposal for your project can be prepared, you can know that several common elements influence the difficulty of a concrete leveling job. These factors affect the time and materials needed for the project and thus the project cost. The evaluation typically looks at the following variables:

  • The width of the voids and gaps that must be filled. Larger gaps necessitate the use of additional materials and extra time for the project.
  • The extent of the breakage will also have an impact on project costs. The number of injection sites required for the desired effect is determined by the amount and nature of the damage.

Moreover, the cost is also affected by the ease or difficulty of access. Service vehicles must be placed close enough to the site. And if that’s not possible, more equipment will be necessary. Injection sites that are difficult to access can significantly increase the price.

Cost of Concrete Leveling vs. Replacement

Professional concrete levelers can save you 50% to 70% off the cost of removing and replacing your concrete. There’s a significant difference in price because of the various steps that would be taken during replacement, such as demolition, debris removal and disposal, pouring and finishing.

Furthermore, concrete replacement can take several days between the start of the project and the curing of the new concrete. Concrete leveling, on the other hand, can be completed and ready for use within hours if done correctly.

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