How Can a Catch Basin Prevent Basement Flooding?

Keeping your basement dry should always be one of your priorities as a homeowner. Neglecting your basement can lead to serious damage to your home as well as costly repairs. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to protect your basement from flooding and avoid foundation repair.

For instance, you can direct your downspouts directly into a solid drain pipe to keep water away from your foundation. However, there’s a problem with this technique — it’s prone to clogging or freezing, and it doesn’t have the capacity to deal with surface water.

Here is where catch basins can save you from a major headache. Stratum Structural Systems, one of the most trusted basement repair contractors in the area, discusses how catch basins function. We also share a few other tips on how you can prevent basement flooding.

What Is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is typically installed directly below the downspout outlet. It serves as a collection point, and it transfers water to a solid drain pipe and then to a grate or emitter. But apart from collecting water from your downspout, a catch basin can also capture pooling surface water. This feature is especially useful if your soil is not sloped away from the foundation, helping prevent exterior water issues.

Other Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding

The goal is simple: keep water away from your basement and foundation. One of the most effective ways to do this is by waterproofing your basement. It may be an additional cost, but it will definitely save you a lot of trouble. Additionally, keep in mind that a sound foundation means a safe home. With no issues or damage that will compromise the structural integrity of your home, you can have peace of mind.

If you have foundation issues in your home, Stratum Structural Systems is the expert you should call. Our services include egress window repair and concrete leveling among others. Call us at (314) 620-8153 or fill out our contact form to request a free consultation.

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