Foundation Maintenance: Best Practices

Foundation repairs are one of the costliest types of repair work that can be done to a home, so you should make it a point to keep up with foundation maintenance. In this blog, foundation piering services company Stratum Structural Systems shares some of the best practices for maintaining your home’s foundation.

Don’t Ignore Cracks

If you see cracks on load-bearing walls and foundation posts, don’t ignore them, no matter how minor they look. But don’t fill them as soon as you see them, either. Instead, measure the cracks with a measuring tape and keep track of it for the next few months. If there is a noticeable increase in crack size, it means the house foundations are settling and you will need to have them fixed by a foundations specialist.

Keep Water Away from the House

The reason why gutters exist is because they route rainwater away from the house foundations. House foundations are made of concrete slabs, which can readily absorb moisture. While house foundations are protected by a layer of basement waterproofing, it is nevertheless good practice to make sure that water doesn’t start pooling around the home’s foundation when it rains. The combination of well-maintained gutters, properly designed downspouts and French drains can help prevent damage to your foundation due to exterior water issues. It also helps prevent over-hydrating the soil around the house.

Address Outdoor Plumbing Leaks

Leaky outdoor plumbing is yet another source of unwanted moisture than can damage the house foundations, and is not as noticeable as pooling water. Inspect outdoor plumbing regularly, particularly after spring thaw. Have a local plumber address leaks that you may find.

Make Sure Trees in the Yard Are Properly Planted

Trees in the yard provide shade, protect your home from high winds and can help prevent soil erosion. However, you should make sure the trees are properly planted. Roots that are too close to the foundation could burrow into gaps and cracks. Hire a local arborist to install root barriers, or trim the roots without harming the tree.

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