4 Ways to Effectively Prevent Foundation Problems

Many causes of foundation problems can be easily overlooked. By knowing what these are, you’ll be able to identify and prevent them from damaging your home’s foundation. In this article, basement waterproofing expert Stratum Structural Systems shares some areas you should check to ensure your foundation is safe from potential risk of damage.


Your downspout should be about 5-10 feet away from your home so that water runoff won’t reach your foundation. You can add extenders if the downspout seems short. Alternatively, you can bury a long downspout diverter underground. This will drain the water to the curb or a storm drain.


Make sure your yard is adequately sloping away from your home, at least six inches in 10 feet. Poor soil excavation usually enables water to run toward the base of your home and through your foundation walls. Before you know it, you’re in need of brick foundation repair.

Soil and Moisture

The soil around your home can dry out and shrink during a long dry spell. When the next big rain comes, this can soak the soil, causing it to expand and put stress on your foundation walls. Prevent this from happening by running a soaker hose around your home. Make sure it’s placed at least six inches away from the foundation and three inches under the soil. This way, the contraction and expansion of your soil can be alleviated.

Roots and Moisture

The roots of the trees and shrubs surrounding your home can compete with your soil moisture during drought. This can cause your foundation to settle and sink unevenly. Over time, this can result in cracks on your drywall. Ensure that deep-rooted trees and shrubs are planted away from your home. If their branches are able to reach your home, the trees and shrubs are likely too close.

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