The Problem With Window Well Drains and Covers

The Problem With Window Well Drains and Covers

Having the window wells of an egress window is a great way to let natural light and ventilation into your basement. Unfortunately, window wells tend to catch a lot of water when it rains or floods, potentially causing foundation-related problems. You can use drains and covers, but our basement waterproofing experts say there are better options.

The Problem With Window Well Drains and Covers

Window Well Drain

At first glance, window well covers look like an ingenious idea. The drain is supposed to safely redirect straight to the gravel layer and weeping tile below, reducing the amount of water absorbed by the soil. However, even with proper placement, the drain will not completely channel every bit of water. This excess water accumulates over time, causing problems later on.

Window Well Covers

Window well covers are designed to screen out leaves and other debris that may end up clogging the drain. However brick foundation repair experts claim that drain covers still tend to let a lot of small debris through. As a result, covers tend to provide short-term protection at best.

Long-Term Fixes

A better approach to preventing water pooling against your home’s foundation is by resorting to long-term fixes. For example, extended downspouts and French drains help redirect water away from the soil immediately surrounding the foundation. Regrading the soil on the yard also helps reduce soil pressure.

A Job for the Pros

Applying long-term fixes for your home’s water pooling problems is a major task. Because of this, we recommend leaving the work to the best certified foundation piering and repair contractors. Hiring a contractor with a proven track record will ensure that all foundation work will yield good results.

Let us help you keep your foundation in good condition through foundation piering and other services. Stratum Structural Systems is the leading foundation repair contractor in the area. You can call us at (314) 620-8153 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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