French Drains 101: How to Determine the Right Size

French Drains 101: How to Determine the Right Size

Building foundations are especially vulnerable to water. So when moisture starts seeping into your foundation, this can affect the stability and safety of the entire structure. Remember that water can erode a foundation over time, so you have to act quickly and make sure any possible damage to your foundation is being prevented.

French Drains 101: How to Determine the Right Size

That said, setting up French drain pipe systems at the sides of a structure, particularly tall buildings, is a good way to channel water away from the foundation. Stratum Structural Systems, one of the area’s highly rated basement repair contractors, discusses some of the factors that you should consider when installing French drain pipes.

Measurements of the Area

Measure the area where you plan to set up a French drain system. This way, you can determine how many pipes you need to prepare as well as the amount of gravel, sand, and rock that you will use.

Amount of Water on the Area

Ground water generally comes from rain, so you have to know the average rainfall in your area to determine whether or not the French drain system should be wider and deeper.

Pipe Size

According to foundation repair experts, a typical French drain system in a residential home has a four-inch diameter. But if the area experiences a high volume of water, it might be suitable to install six or eight-inch pipes.

Types of Piping

Make sure that the piping used for French drains are perforated as this would enable an unimpeded flow of water. PVC is one of the most popular materials used for French drain piping because it’s widely available and relatively inexpensive. However, feel free to check other options as well, such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and corrugated plastic.

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