Different Types of Foundation Cracks and How They Are Fixed

Different Types of Foundation Cracks and How They Are Fixed

According to our foundation repair experts, different types of foundation cracks are caused by different factors. Knowing the cause of these cracks is essential in making sure further problems can be avoided through timely repairs. Here’s a quick rundown on these cracks and how the pros can fix them.

Different Types of Foundation Cracks and How They Are Fixed

Vertical Cracks

A common problem that can occur as early as the construction phase, vertical or steep diagonal cracks occur when the concrete shrinks due to improper curing. If the crack is closer to the corner, this could indicate an even more serious issue. This type of crack is often fixed using concrete or epoxy injections, but more serious cases will require intensive structural repairs.

Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal or shallow diagonal cracks are a major cause for concern. Basement repair contractors know that this type of crack is caused by problems with pressure exerted by water from rains and floods penetrating the soil. Epoxy injections also work on this type of crack, but the soil around them might also have to be regraded.

Stair Step Cracks

Stair step cracks often run along mortar joints between individual concrete blocks. This type of problem is more serious than single cracks, and is often caused by either soil pressure or settlement. Because this is a serious problem, fixing stair step cracks often require more intensive structural repairs.

Trust Only the Best

Because of the serious consequences of foundation-related issues, delaying your response can put your entire property at risk. Also, simply resorting to applying caulk or filler concrete on the cracks will yield unpredictable results. Foundation and egress window repair experts strongly recommend getting in touch with a reputable repair company ASAP.

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