5 Signs Your Basement Waterproofing Has Failed

As a homeowner, it’s important to have good basement waterproofing in your home. Any kind of water leakage below your home can cause bigger problems later on. If you’re not sure whether your waterproofing is still intact, or if you just want to check for yourself, here are some signs you need to look out for in your basement.

1. Water Marks and Stains

Look for any signs of stains and marks on the basement of your home. Bigger stains running down your basement wall is an obvious sign, but also look for the smaller ones that you might otherwise overlook. Any orange or white streaks on the walls of your basement is a sign that your basement waterproofing needs fixing. These can become a bigger problem if not addressed immediately.

2. Cracks on the Floor and Walls

Even if you don’t see any sign of water marks or stains, a crack on the wall can still pose a potential risk. You need to check for any cracks you may find on your basement walls and floor. You also need to look for even smaller cracks that are usually overlooked, as they could also indicate hydrostatic pressure building up from below. For instance, if you’re already planning to do some repairs on your home’s foundation, ask your contractor if they can also waterproof your basement as well. Our team at Stratum Structural Systems does foundation piering services that includes making sure your basement is securely waterproofed after doing our job.

3. Mold and Musty Odor

If you smell something musty within your basement, then there is probably a lot of water seepage. This is often unseen or without any visible indication, but if the odor is strong, that is a sure sign that your basement waterproofing has failed. The odor can also come from mold growth in your basement. Check for any signs of mold growth in your basement; this can help in finding where the water seepage originated.

4. Efflorescence on the Walls

Similar to water stains, if you see efflorescence or a chalky substance forming on your basement walls then your waterproofing may be compromised. These are caused by salt and other mineral deposits left behind by water after evaporating. You can usually find this around cracks or small gaps found within your basement.

5. Bowed Basement Walls

Bowed walls are big indications that your basement waterproofing has failed. For instance, if you notice a bulge or an inward curve in your brick foundation wall, then you need to have it repaired immediately. Bowed walls can cause bigger cracks that can allow more water seep in and possibly affect the whole foundation of your home. If you’re already having this problem or you just want to prevent it, consider calling us at Stratum Structural Systems. With our expertise in brick foundation repairyou can be assured that your home’s foundation will be fixed professionally.

Stratum Structural Systems does a fine job in dealing with your basement and foundation problems. Our excellent quality service means we always have our customer’s best interest in mind. Call us today at (314) 620-8153 for a free estimate, or complete our online request form.

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