What Are the Most Common Causes of Foundation Damage?

As your home ages, your foundation starts to deteriorate, sink, or settle into the ground. Various issues can cause these problems. However, none of them should be taken lightly to keep your home’s structure in good condition. 

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Foundation Damage?

Find out some of the most common causes of foundation damage from a basement waterproofing expert. 

Weather Extremes

The soil around your home may shrink or pull away from the foundation due to hot and dry weather conditions. Cracks will start developing all over your home when this happens. With the shrinking soil, gaps will form next to the foundation, causing it to sink and settle into the ground. 

Insufficient Drainage

You have a poor drainage system if have clogged gutters, short downspouts, or insufficient waterproofing. The soil around your foundation can become oversaturated due to poor drainage, resulting in an unstable foundation. Contact a local professional if you’re experiencing this issue for an inspection and repair. At Stratum Structural Systems, you can count on us for quality brick foundation repair services.

Leaky Plumbing

Another usual cost of foundation problems is a leaking plumbing system. Excess water from plumbing leaks can cause the soil around your foundation to erode. The moisture from leaks will cause the foundation and soil to move, resulting in foundation settlement. Moreover, the amount of movement still depends on the soil type, density, and moisture content before the leak occurred as well as how long the leak has been occurring. 


Tree roots can absorb moisture in the soil underneath your home, causing shrinkage and settlement of the house. The more mature trees and bushes are, the more water their root systems need. The roots will take moisture beneath your home’s foundation and cause the soil to shrink. 
For your foundation repair needs, turn to Stratum Structural Systems. We specialize in foundation piering, bowing or rotating walls, and more. Call us at (314) 620-8153 or fill out our contact form to get schedule a free consultation.

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