Why Are Foundation Problems Common in Winter?

Winter exposes your home to extreme weather, and sometimes the effects of it can reach your foundation. Some signs of foundation damage include a constantly jammed door, cracked doorways, windows that stick or won’t close completely, or even bowed or rotating walls. Also, if you notice cracks in vinyl or ceramic tiles that are installed over a concrete floor, these may indicate a problem with your foundation.

Stratum Structural Systems, a trusted expert in foundation piering, lists some of the culprits behind foundation problems in winter.

Frozen Pipes

Exposed pipes are naturally susceptible to the frigid temperatures in winter. The water inside these pipes tends to become ice. And when it starts to unfreeze, it can cause the pipes to burst. This can further result in flooding within seconds. To prevent this kind of scenario, you should regularly check your home’s core temperature and make sure it’s above 55 degrees.

Basement Moisture

Problems also arise when the frozen ground begins to thaw since this exposes your basement or the soil underneath the slab to moisture. Moisture issues around the base of your foundation can cause it to shift, and this movement can lead to structural problems in your home. You can fix this issue by stabilizing your foundation. You might also want to consider basement waterproofing as an added precaution.

Frozen Ground

Frozen ground usually leads to foundation cracks. This happens because frozen ground tends to expand, putting a lot of pressure on your foundation. This pressure is essentially what causes damage and cracks, so you should call an expert right away if you notice such cracks.

Stratum Structural Systems ensures that every job is handled according to industry standards. Our areas of expertise include brick foundation repair, basement waterproofing and egress windows, among others. Call us at (314) 620-8153 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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