French Drain: Interior or Exterior?

When your basement develops a problem leak there are many potential solutions to keep the interior of your home safe and dry. One of the potential options is the use of French drains to move water away from the foundation and out of the home. 

drainage systems

Interior or exterior drainage systems are different options. They vary in cost, foundation, space and provide you with a very different set of benefits. Trusted basement repair contractors, Stratum Structural Systems, tell the difference between the two drainage systems and give you a clear answer to which of the drainage systems is the best option.

Interior French Drain Benefits

The interior French drain is installed in the basement along the interior foundation wall. It’s meant as a less invasive way of providing drainage for homes with moisture problems in the foundation or basement. There are a number of benefits of going with this option:

  • Substantially less expensive to install compared to an exterior French drain

  • Work is not subject to the whims of the weather

  • Project can be completed in less time compared to an exterior French drain

  • Consistent drainage to the sewer systems with a sump pump

Exterior French Drain Benefits

The exterior French drain is a popular choice when building a new home. It can offer some benefits for homeowners who are willing to go through the process of installation or repair of an existing French drain. These benefits include:

  • Natural drainage, potentially without a sump pump

  • Less disruption inside the home

  • Reduce or eliminate problems with soggy lawns

  • Provides opportunity for foundation sealing to waterproof it

  • May prevent damage to the foundation from water and other exterior water issues

  • Send the water to a specific area of the yard

Foundation Concrete

The quality of the concrete of the existing foundation also influences the choice of the interior or exterior drainage system. For example, lower-quality concrete will require additional protection such as a waterproofing membrane. Foundation repair will add a protective layer against water infiltration and moisture.

Excavating Cost

The installation of an exterior drain may require significant demolition work. This can generate significant additional costs for the homeowner. One can then choose to turn to an interior drainage system.

Space Constraints

Some properties do not have enough space to allow the installation of an exterior drainage system. The excavation work requires an adequate area for the machinery to operate. In other instances, access to the foundation is not possible. The interior waterproofing system is then the best solution.

Wet basement? Settling foundation? Stratum Structural Systems can help. We are a basement and egress window repair contractor that specializes in waterproofing and fixing a wide range of foundation issues. Call us today at (314) 916-6690 or contact us online to schedule a home inspection and free estimate.

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